Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 28 ~ Photography, (and an important announcement!!)

Well, I didn't quite reach 28.  I did learn a lot though.  I really enjoyed this project.  I may not have actually managed to get a picture taken each day, and I certainly didn't get one posted, but I did have things each day that would strike me, I would see things in a new light and with a renewed appreciation for what is around me.  I didn't set out on this project with the intent of ending it with this post, but it seems appropriate. 

This picture is a snapshot of cameras, each has a special meaning to me.  They are the tools I have used to preserve memories. 
I love photography.  While I have always loved photography, things have changed in the last few years. I went from just taking pictures for myself to doing so with others in mind.  I love capturing the sweet innocence of babies, the emerging personalities of children, the ambition (and relief!) of graduating students, the loving and unique dynamics of families, the unparalleled joy of weddings, and everything in between.   I have spent the last two years as a photography apprentice of sorts, building my portfolio and availing myself of all opportunities to learn more and sharpen my skills.  I have experimented with lighting, lenses, locations, backgrounds, props, and editing.  I have read and studied and shadowed amazing photographers in action, picking up new techniques and broadening my photography horizons. 

This is where the big announcement comes in: I am now preparing to end the ‘portfolio building’ phase of my photography business.  Starting April 2, 2010, new prices and picture printing policies will go into effect, exact details to follow as the date gets nearer.  In the meantime, however, this is your chance to take advantage of the ‘old’ pricing by booking a session between now and April 1, 2010.  Contact me soon at to make those arrangements!

I am excited to continue photographing past clients and branch out to gain new clients as well.  I love providing a tangible memento of important life experiences and relationships and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to do so professionally.

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