Friday, November 19, 2010

Newborn Eli ~ Elko Photographer

This little, well, not so little guy was SO sweet!  He slept good, and even when not sleeping barely cried.  He and I played and snuggled and his mom caught a short (and I'm sure much needed!) nap on my couch.  Even if he hadn't been such a dream, newborns are always worth the effort. 

I get asked occasionally about baby photos and keeping baby content during them.  First thing I do is I crank that heat up!  I keep the studio space pretty warm during the session so that baby is totally comfortable. Second, we take our time.  Newborn sessions definitely involve way more time spent soothing, nursing, and rocking than actually spent taking photos. Third, while a later session is not unheard of, I prefer to photograph in the first week or so of life, up to about 10 days.  This is when babies are still sleepy, and like to be curled up.  They change so much even just in those first few weeks, this ensures that we capture the "newness".  This little guy was born in Boise and then came home to Elko so he was a week old before I got my hands on him.  He still slept like a charm though. 

I love babies!

 All the little parts...

 Can't you just smell him?!

Love the faces they make!

 More of little Eli can be seen HERE .

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  1. This baby is so cute! And you're right about the funny faces they make. I love the collage you created. Great work.