Monday, February 22, 2010

Days ??-22

I Love the weekend... Sleeping late, relaxed schedule, family projects, Sunday dinner at my mom's. Wonderful stuff, stuff that I did not preserve for posterity, because really.. no one wants a picture of my hanging curtain rods in my pj's.

Day 21 ~ Cookies came! My house now has many boxes of these delicious goodies. Mmmmmm. May of the boxes got delived today, thank goodness, slightly less temptation.

Day 22 ~ Grandma's cross-stitch. Kevin's grandmother made a beautiful cross stitch for our wedding, and for each of the kids births. I love them. Several of the frames have taken quite a beating over the years, moving from place to place and getting knocked off the wall. I would rather replace the frames though from time to time, then have them hidden away. Every time I walk by I smile and know how much we are loved.

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