Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 18 ~ Drive by shooting

This afternoon as I was headed out the door the clouds were fantastic.  I was in a hurry though to get into town to take my daughter to dance class.  I grabbed the camera and thought "I'll get some on the way"  I failed however to grab the card back out of the computer.  Drat!  I didn't have my bag either, so no spares.

I'll share a few drive by with you from a trip I took last month.  I love Nevada's wide open spaces. 

Pilot Peak, check out the one little cloud hanging on the mountain.


  1. Is that interstate 80 your driving on?
    Melissa, what are you doing on April 21?
    What kind of camera do you use? Do you use photoshop?

  2. Yes, the mountain is Piolt Peak. I now live just off I-80 about half way between SLC and Reno

    By the sounds of your queston, hopefully seeing you!

    I'm currently using a Nikon D40x Yes, I do use photoshop. I try to keep my hand light, but especially since I started shooting in RAW, everything needs a tiny bump since the camera is not telling it to sharpen as it converts to JPEG.