Friday, August 7, 2009

A prize for you too

Thanks to everyone who has been helping out this morning already! Keep spreading the word.

It is not fair to have everyone help me out and give nothing in return. After clicking on the links over to Scott's sites leave a comment on this post. I'll use a number generator to pick 2 winners one from the comments and one from referrals. So tell me who sent you and they will get another entry as well. The more people you send, the more entries you get.

The prizes?

A mini photo session or print of your choice up to 16x20. A mini photo session is 30-45 minutes with one family grouping. Perfect for Christmas photos! Not Local? That is OK. I travel often to both the Boise and SLC areas. I would be happy to shoot your session on location there. Not in those areas? Pick a print or pass along your session to someone.

Update: There is some concern that links clicked on in readers do not carry the necessary information to the analytic program to count for points. If using a reader please click over to the blog first like you would when leaving a comment.

Please click on the links from my Facebook fan page as well

Click the links and leave a comment!
Two entries, one today and one tomorrow.


  1. Clicked and clicked! Trying to get my facebook peeps to do the same! I hope you win!!

  2. I LOVE looking at Jarvie's pictures. I can't wait until he does Amanda's wedding! Hope you win.

  3. oops...that was me. You must have borrowed my computer.

  4. Clicked and clicked and clicked again! :) Any word on how the points are going so far?

  5. Great pictures hope you win!!

  6. Terry sent me - nice photos on Scott's site! Thanks -
    Pam Z.

  7. Teri sent me also! Loved the site and hope that I did what I needed to help you. Good luck!!

  8. You have picked up one of the last spots in the august 29th workshop... see you then.