Tuesday, August 4, 2009

JaG ~ The Jarvie Game

I have been barraging my blog, my family's blogs, Facebook and Twitter with all kinds of posts about JaG lately. I thought I should let you in on what I'm up to instead of just driving people nuts. I'm trying to win a game. I know it sounds silly, but the prize is incredible. The winner gets an all day workshop with Scott Jarvie. Scott is an awesome photographer whose style I really like. He is also an amazing person. He is constantly doing things to share his craft with others. While many other photographers hold back and are reluctant to share their knowledge both big stuff and the little tips and tricks that can really make a difference. What would be the cost of this workshop? a steal at $200? a typical $300-400? $1000 like some I have seen? Nope FREE. That fits right into my budget! Heck, my sister has already volunteered to babysit. (by the way Shellece can I crash on your couch?)

I have spent hours pouring over his photos and making lots of blog and Facebook comments. Whether I win or not I will have taken away a lot of knowledge from the last 2 weeks.

I am really excited. I have wanted to participate in a workshop for a long time, and not only is this a chance for me to do so within a budget, but it is with one of my photography idols as well. Double Bonus!

Scott takes full advantage of the social media outlets available. Become a fan today and you could win a print from him!
http://jarviestudios.com/blog Add him to your Google Reader!
Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! You've been doing great. Hope to be able to meet you!