Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Challenge that wasn't

So last week I promised I would have my photo up soon and then never did. I'm sorry. I really meant to get it up, but I attended the funeral of a dear friend that morning and the rest of the day I felt nothing like posting. The funeral was as lovely as one can be. I did take some group photos of the scouts that came to honor him, but they are really to personal to share. I may have taken them, but I don't feel they really belong to me.

I am so happy that so many of you posted your photos despite my deficient hosting. I completely neglected to provide another challenge.

This week share with me (and the other contributors) what photography means to you.
Why do you like photography? What is your favorite picture you have taken? Do you have a favorite by someone else? What do you hope to gain from participating in Challenges? Use these questions as a jumping off point, or just answer one of them. I'm easy going like that.

Next week:

I'm going to leave the Mr. Linky off this week, I think for the # of people we have participating comments seem more personal.

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  1. I want to share my life with friends and family, which is sometimes only possible through photos. I, too, like to freeze a moment in time. I love looking at my scrapbooks and remembering. I love getting photos from my missionary and seeing those snippets of time from his life. I especially love how photos can tell a story.

    My first camera was a 110 pocket camera with a flash. I had that kind of camera for a very long time. I never thought about taking a photography class or even worried about how the photos looked. Over time I noticed when I'd accidentally get a nice looking photo. I have a pretty good eye for what looks pleasing although I have no idea of the "rules."

    I loved the photo you had of your kids with the older three looking out at the pond in Albertson's park and Lilly looking over Mallory's shoulder at you. That was so precious.

    I hope to develop another talent with these challenges.

    I'll post a few "stories" on my blog.