Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Joy of Love, February Photography Series

I know it is hard to imagine but Elko has had way too much going on lately.  I haven't even taken many photographs and I have totally gotten out of the blogging habit.  I fully intend to get back to it.  Starting NOW.

Last year I did a series titled "28 things I Love"  It was really fun.  I wanted to do something similar again this year.  Kelly Willete is running a series called The Joy of Love.  Each day comes with a prompt and a short lesson.  I think between the two ideas I might actually get all the days done.  Click Here to find out more and sign up for the quick lessons yourself! 

Day 1 and I am LOVING it!   I think I shot more frames today than I did in the whole month of January!

Today prompt was DOING.  To capture the people/person you love doing what they do.

I caught my delightful George putting together his 100 days project for school tomorrow.

 This boy LOVES his math so this project was right up his alley.  He was concentrating so hard on getting the 10 smarties just where he wanted them.  He looks like he hates this, but really he was having a ball.

I can't wait to get started on tomorrow's prompt.

If you want to join in leave a comment and I'll come over and say hi, you can post the pictures on your blog, Flickr page, Facebook, wherever.  :)  


  1. Great shot! I am also doing the joy of love. Best of luck!

  2. I haven't heard of the Joy of Love. What a cool concept! I will have to check it out. Your little guy reminds me of mine. A thinker. :)