Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Photography Series, Wedding vs. Now

Today's photography prompt from Joy in Love was "Then and Now"

Next month Kevin and I will celebrate our 12th Anniversary. Can it really have been that long since our wedding?

I was SO sick in this picture.  Our photographer was fantastic I would cough cough cough and then quickly smile and he would snap.  In all our photos he only caught me coughing once, with film.  He was a brave, brave soul.

This is this evening after putting 4 kids to bed.  My how life has changed.  Wouldn't trade it for the world. 

And just for kicks, here is the one of the two of us from this spring, back at the same place.  Tara does a much better job than my self timer.  :)  


  1. How cute!! I just love your family. And you guys still look so young and in love!! <3 ya!!

  2. You to look like you are having so much fun! pictures look awesome! summer

  3. You guys look AMAZING!!! I don't think I see any aging - just happiness! :) Beautiful pics!!! :)

  4. Love these photos!! You two have always looked good together a glow from the love you share, Happy Anniversary.

  5. How awful that you were so sick for your wedding! It looks like you have had a nice 12 years together though.

    It is so funny how life changes. That's why photos are so great! :)