Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Photography Series, Elko Photography

Love to Hate

I'm the mommy to 4 beautiful children.  I love them dearly but sometimes they drive me bonkers.
While contemplating what to photograph this morning I noticed these markers left out. AGAIN.  We have this white board that sits on a table in our living room.  It got put there once to that I could use its magnetic properties do display photographs when I had the studio set up there and it just kinda stayed.  The photographs got moved and then the kids discovered some dry erase markers and it was all over with.  It gets erased, and changed nearly daily.  They loving having it around, and I love seeing their drawings.  Lily however switches up the lids on the rare occasions that she puts the lids back on.  Drives me nuts.  Do you know what gets dry erase marker out of clothing, and table cloths.?.. Nothing.  (So if you know the magic answer please enlighten me!)


  1. I like the depth of field on this photo and the grittiness of the remains of the kids' activities with the cap left off and the streaks of marker on the board. It is dynamic and draw my eye in.



  2. My son also removes the lids and switches them...on pens, markers, anything. :) Your photo made me smile.