Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I had to GOYA~ Elko Photographer


I've been following Zack Arias for awhile, but he really made an impression at Photocamp Utah.  One of the things he has been posting on his blog lately are GOYA shoots.  Get Off Your Arse shoots.  They are Great! It is amazing what he and the people around him come up with in those short time frames.  I don't have a studio of assistants to shoot with but I have been trying to do this more.  The previous spring weather post is from one of those days.  :)   Today's pictures are from another day.  I recently applied to be a part of an international not-for-profit organization (more on that soon).  One of the requirements for the application was to submit 3 samples of portrait work  in each of 6 different lighting situations.  Some were easy to pick and some well... not so much.  One section I really struggled with was outdoor light with fill flash.  It s just not something I shoot a lot with. I had few samples to pick from and most were from the same shoot and I wanted to submit more variety.  I stressed, I fretted and then one day I decided I just had to GOYA.  I had 45 minutes while kids were at various practices, the clouds were cool and so I just went.  I grabbed the daughters of a good friend and headed out into the sagebrush.  (We do have an abundance of that to photograph in Elko.) They were awesome models.  It was FREEZING (snowed later that night) but SO much fun.  No pressure to deliver, no expectations, just shooting for the joy of it.  Completely solidified the fact I need to do this more often.  Anybody want to go with me? 

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