Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kallie~ Elko Senior 2010

Kallie's mom was my 6th grade teacher, yup she was, an awesome one too.  Though I'm not quite sure why she didn't just throw the whole lot of us under the bus because there were some real stinkers in that class. I wasn't a big trouble maker but boy howdy did I have my days.  And really, who wants to deal with a bunch of moody 11-year-olds anyways?  Thankfully there are teachers as great as her in the world. 

I was THRILLED when she contacted me about taking Senior pictures for her daughter Kallie.  I mean really who does not want to take pictures of a pretty, smart, funny and just all around great girl? When I say smart, I mean s.m.a.r.t.  Kallie is a the top of her class and may even be valedictorian if all those college classes she is already taking fall into line. 

Wow!  She made my job SO easy. 

Good luck Kallie in all your future endeavors!

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  1. After all our snow and crummy weather I like the way the sunlight plays on her hair!