Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3 ~ Haircuts

When Kevin and I were fist married he was in the military and I was a college student.  His job required him to keep his hair above the ears at all times, this necessitated frequent haircuts. An army private and a college student don't have much $$ so the haircuts were something that had to be cut from the budget quick.  He couldn't go without so I had to learn to do them myself.  It was SO intimidating, but with the knowledge that if I really screwed it up we could just buzz it off and no one would be the wiser I went for it.  11 years and 3 sets of clippers later I'm still doing the job.  I'm not good at remembering that it needs done, but I do actually like doing it.  The time together to talk and Kevin is so handsome when it is all done.  He scooted off tonight to shower the itchy hair off before I could grab my camera. 

I'm always glad when it is warm enough outside to do it there, it makes clean up SO much easier. 

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  1. Why doesn't it ever look this cool after we get done cutting hair? Only a talented woman can make it look this good!