Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 14 ~ Coco Wheats

Truth be told I don't love Coco Wheats.  I actually think they are kinda gross.  I do however love that my husband makes them for the kids.  What are Coco Wheats?  They are a hot breakfast cereal most common in the Midwest, and you guessed it my husband grew up in the Midwest.  They are NOT chocolate Malt o Meal.  We can't buy them in Nevada.  We import them yearly via Kevin's sister.  We kinda went overboard the year we visited for her wedding and my have a several year's supply.  Opps.  Gotta have a years supply of something I guess  :)

On Valentine's Kevin cooked breakfast for the kids and let me sleep in.  Glorious sleep!  He made their favorite, and the one thing I won't cook, Coco Wheats.


 And yes, my pot is dented, and no I didn't want to turn it around.  I love that pot, dent and all.


  1. I have no idea what coco wheats are :-) but i love your dented pot and happy late valentine's day!

  2. We have inherited a few boxes from you, and i haven't made them yet, maybe Kirk will! Your posts make me smile :)

  3. I am to blame for Kevin love of Coco Wheats! We felt that a hot grain was what the kids needed for "brain power" when they were in school. Crista & Kevin both fell in love with the stuff!! Glad she fixed him up with a supply to tied him over, LOL

  4. Interesting. Your hubby and I grew up 35 miles apart (C'ville, right?) and I have never, ever heard of these...

  5. Beth- you should have Kirk make them.. so you can sleep in!

    Karen- Yes, he grew up in C-ville, my sister in law just sent me a picture text of them yesterday of them on the shelf... :)