Saturday, February 13, 2010

A bit of catching up...5-13

wheww I am awful, I let it slide one day and the whole thing goes kaput. 

I did take a picture most days though so bare with me

Day 5 ~ Date night, this is where things went haywire. 

Day 6~ my mom.  LOVE her.  On Saturday she was at a Mary Kay event to pamer herself.  I've shot a couple of these.  So much Fun!
Day 8 ~ Hiding.  This one was actually not taken my me.  George had picked up my camera and was playing with Lily.  I love to look at the card after he is done.  So much fun to see the world through someone else's eyes. 
Day 9 ~ Cast Iron and a Western Sky  I love to cook with cast iron.  I can't kill it.  Even if I burn something on it or let it soak too long, I haven't ruined it. I am also totally capable of cooking over a campfire with it, I even enjoy it sometimes, but most days I'm sure glad to have that window between me and the elements.
Day 12 ~ Cakes  I am no Martha Stewart, and I have no intentions of ever selling my cakes, but I really get a kick out of making their birthday cakes.  This was Courtney's for her birthday this weekend.  My sugar cookie crown pieces didn't come out perfectly even, but she loved it. 
Day 13 ~ Cookies for breakfast.  Lily found the left over cookies from the cake last night and helped herself to them for breakfast.  Who could get mad at this face??


  1. I love the kitchen picture. It should be in a Martha Stewart magazine