Friday, October 30, 2009

Dickenson Family ~ Family photography in Elko, NV

I LOVE this family. Not just in an oh-my-gosh I love to take their pictures, but in a from the depths of my heart love them. Tammie and I have been friends since we were in Girl Scouts together when I moved to this little town at 10, all through the turbulent Jr. High years and traveled together to Reno on a school bus more times than I care to remember. James' parents are good friends with my parents and I was overjoyed when they wed last fall. James is in the Marines and is headed to Afghanistan at the very moment I am typing this. He was recently home on pre-deployment leave and I twisted their arms and insisted on a photo session.

Could their little girl be any sweeter?

Love you guys! We pray for your safe return James. Tammie, I am just up the street if you ever need anything.

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  1. As if it took an arm twisting! I love, love, love these pictures and I am so glad you did them for us! And then reading what you wrote just totally makes my day. :) You are such an amazing friend and a great photographer!