Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Girls

The girls and I had a mini photo session yesterday. Lily really wanted nothing to do with it. Bri on the other hand was a ham. She is at the perfect age for portraits. She is sitting steady, but isn't crawling away. So much fun!

Izzy, I picked out this shirt just for you!


  1. CUTE! Isn't fun when you figure something new out.

    By the way...I LOVE the cowboy boot pics. I think I might try something like that and put in Jaxon's room instead of an art picture. I even have Con's grandpa's cowboy hat. Hhhmmmm...could be cute!! Thanks for sharing. I love the challenge thing. I will have to look into it. Or, just use your photo blog as a helper! ;)

  2. Hi Melissa! I love the contrast of Lily's eyes and the color of the sweater. Such a pretty girl! And her cousin is adorable to! I am all in for the photography challenges. I will be checking out your blog for future assignments. Super!


  3. That is a beautiful photo!!!

    (cute shirt too)